• media relations

LAS Consultancy was approached to become the media partners for the annual Hospitality Round Table 2015 hosted by the Hospitality Design Partnership [HDP]. We took on this project only two weeks before the start of the event, which meant a lot of quick thinking was required. Within the two weeks we worked closely with HDP to finalize a press release, release it and invite the relevant media required for the two days of the meeting.


  • Media Relations.
  • Press release support and translation.
  • Pre-event press release distribution.
  • Press invitation and press management at the two day event.
  • Media monitoring and reporting.


  • Media Relations.
  • Successful turnout and cooperation by invited media houses.
  • Impressive and timely media coverage over the period of 1 week [8 newspapers , 5 TVs , 3 blogs , 3 radios]