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Students at Mikocheni Secondary school have been given the opportunity to improve their financial skills with the aim of empowering young people and equip them for life outside of education and to better their financial decisions, which is part of a new partnership between Her Africa and Tanzania Women’s Bank.
Recently form four girls of Mikocheni Secondary School took part in a financial literacy and self esteem & Confidence building workshop which was organized by Her Africa and facilitated in partnership with Tanzania Womens Bank dubbed as; Girl Talks DSM: Financial Literacy of which the theme for this year’s edition was “Money Matters Matter”.
Tanzania Women’s Bank, Head of Consumer & Business Banking, Janeth Zoya facilitated the financial literacy sessions that taught the girls about living within means, best ways to budget and save. The workshop was meant to help students learn how to make better money based decisions. They were conducted in a very interactive and fun way so that the young girls enjoyed money management from the start to the end of the sessions.
The workshops were designed to help students between the ages of 16 – 18 to manage their finances ahead of university or employment. Due to the age the facilitators introduced the topic with the use of games and other experimental techniques to help the learners participate in the session and retainer the information given.
Her Africa: Girl Talks DSM workshops equip young girls with skills that will help them deal with finance challenges in the future. Early knowledge on what to expect from the financial world gives an individual some sort of strong security over their finances.
Her Africa team Asnath Ndosi and Salha Said Kibwana facilitated sessions on self-esteem and confidence building. The students were taught to believe in themselves and why it is important to have confidence, the impact they have when they empower others and empower themselves to do great in school and life in general.
This session was aimed to help the students to be more confident, positive and proactive. The session used activities and materials to explore what influences young people’s body image and self-esteem. The self-esteem workshops address key topics including the impact of society, professional and social media on appearance ideals, and the girls were provided with strategies to boost their confidence and others.
It is important for students to have higher self-esteem and feel more confident in participating in social and academic activities.
By concentrating on financial literacy, Tanzania Womens Bank hopes to contribute to the education and training of young girls in schools by introducing financial concepts and personal finance management to promote financial inclusion.
Her Africa believes that teachers play a key role and hence involved them in the activities too, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to implement financial literacy projects in schools.
Salha Kibwana Co -founder of Her Africa has advised more financial institutions to take the initiatives and come forth to educate more students across the country on the virtues of financial planning and management aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy while boosting the financial inclusion in the country. She gave the advice while facilitating a workshop at Mikocheni Secondary school.
Head of Consumer & Business Banking at Tanzania Women’s Bank-Janeth Zoya said that “The financial literacy workshop at Mikocheni Secondary school was aimed to empower young people with financial knowledge that will rightly position them for the future”.
She added “Young women and girls need to be equipped with the right knowledge to navigate through financial decision and to be fortified economically via financial literacy knowledge acquisition, which will foster the importance of understanding savings culture, budgeting and entrepreneurship.”
“Her Africa’s project will continue equipping young girls and women with the right tools and knowledge by linking them with established women and organisations so as to empower and to stimulate growth by closing in on the gender gap and in turn contribute to the economic and social development of Tanzania. Through our Girl Talks DSM workshops we will be adding value to the students in public schools and gradually towards a stronger nation”
“Financial education is crucial to our society so as to achieve economic and societal progress. Empowering youth and communities with financial tools and education will help them overcome barriers. Girl Talks Workshops will provide the new generation, who are building the future of our country with tools and knowledge to implement financial literacy and above all, prepare them for a better adult life.” Her Africa Co-founder Asnath Ndosi Said.
Tanzania women’s bank awarded 10 students who are currently running their own businesses with money banks sponsored by the bank. In addition Her Africa team donated books to the school library. Both workshops left the students with worksheets and materials on financial literacy and self esteem that they can take home and use them to guide them through what they learnt in the sessions.
Her Africa is calling for more organizations, volunteers and stakeholders to be part of their upcoming projects as they believe raising a great nation is every organization and individual’s responsibility.

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