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“Educate a girl and she can change the world”


One thing that we have in our organisation culture at LAS is the motivation to impact and change lives of young women and girls. We believe success can only be fruitful when you elevate and support other people around you. Alone we can only do soo little but together we can achieve soo much. Having such a belief fuelled our third Her Africa Girltalks workshop at Makumbusho Secondary school ; themed : HerAfrica : HerHealth.

In a sunny bright afternoon filled with soo much excitement Her Africa team met with ; SISA Community Health Center the official partner for the health talk , serial entrepreneur Carol Ndosi , Kaye Marie social activist and the representatives from Human Cherish Sanitary pads distributors and manufactures. Discussing the schedule for the Girltalks under the shade while waiting for the school bell to ring at Makumbusho Secondary School the headmistress walked passed us , and warmly greeted us with a smile as she ushered us to the classrooms.Allocating each speaker and their respective facilitator to the respective classes.

“‘Good Afternoon our guests ‘’ chanted 52 girls, trailing off from each class you could feel the ambience of excitement and eagerness as they greet the speakers. Each class of 52 students, had the opportunity to learn on different health topics and share knowledge from the assigned speakers.



Key to success ; by Carol Ndosi eased the introduction by asking the young girls what does it take to be successful with a couple raised hands and giggles the class begun. Carol Ndosi shared her journey and her story. She gave the girls hope and strength to believe in themselves no matter whichever obstacles they face in their journeys.


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Say no to SEX ; was chanted after every couple of minutes in the next class ,Dr.Christina a clinical officer from SISA Health Community Center discussed Sex Abstinence and early childhood pregnancy. A taboo in most schools , in the first few minutes the girls were very shy to openly discuss on the topic , but as the minutes passed the class was very engaging and interactive learning why they should wait and abstain from sex , the health problems and social problems of early childhood pregnancy.  


Period Talk ; Human Cherish Sanitary towels distributors speakers , Maisara and Hilda Tomasi got to speak to the young girls about Menstrual and Personal hygiene.They assured the girls being in their periods should not make them feel dirty nor ashamed they should embrace it and hygienically take care of themselves. To mark of the day each class was given free sanitary towels and hugs to go around by the HC team.

The topics that our guest speakers discussed with the young girls from Makumbusho Secondary School were essential topics for students. They enjoyed the entire learning process, sharing and inspiring session done by the speakers.

All good things must come to an end , sadly it was time for us to go. After a group pictures with the girls and lots of hugs. Her Africa and the team left Makumbusho Secondary School feeling fulflied.

It was a success, as it always is. HerAfrica mission is to reach as many girls as possible across Tanzania, establishing a network of women with different skills and experiences that they can share with young women to tackle their day to day challenges and empower them to be great.

What can you do for the young women ? let us know on our comment section below and you can be part of HerTeam.



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